Welcome to Score Memorabilia! Our goal is to help you find exactly what you are looking for, either as the perfect gift or as a new addition to your collection. We take pride in our tradition of excellent customer service and we look forward to showing you how good we are. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to helping you find that special item. 

The most important thing about autographed items is that the signatures are genuine. You want to know that each celebrity hand signed the item you have purchased. As collectors ourselves, we get it.

This is why we guarantee that every autographed item we sell is authentic, hand signed and witnessed by a Score Memorabilia agent. We, along with our affiliated signing companies have been obtaining and witnessing signings for more than 15 years. No company stays in business for that long without gaining the trust and respect of its customers. 

Score Memorabilia goes to great lengths to insure the authenticity of our products. We've been sourcing memorabilia for more than fourteen years and our network of acquisition specialists is expert at bringing us only verifiable items. Our Certificate of Authenticity is personally signed by company president W.J. Williams and comes with a tamper-proof hologram inscribed with a unique serial number. A matching hologram with serial number is also applied to the purchased item. 

True authenticity is the most important aspect of signed memorabilia. We guarantee that our merchandise is genuine. It's just that simple. You can feel confident when you buy one of our great products. 

Do you as a client ask yourself how we obtain the signatures we sell? 

This is how it's done at ScoreMemorabilia, we pound the pavement: 


Score Memorabilia's agents travel all over the United States to obtain signatures of celebrities in person. 
In order to protect Score Memorabilia and avoid fraud and misuse of our information and details by plagiarists we will not release the deepest secrets how it's and where it's done. 

All autographed collectables sold by Score Memorabilia come with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) and a 30 day Money Back Guarantee on Authenticity for the original buyer. 

Score Memorabilia accepts opinions about autograph authenticity from Court and Board Certified Forensic Authenticators. 

Score Memorabilia specializes in obtaining signatures. We do NOT 


  • assess, evaluate or appraise third party memorabilia
  • authenticate third party memorabilia
  • buy private third party memorabilia

Consignment - If you have any memorabilia in your private collection that you would like to sell on the Score Memorabilia website, please email us photos and detailed informationIf we think your item(s) are a good fit with our catalog, we will contact you to work out the details. 

Authentication for Consignment - When your item sells on our website, Score Memorabilia WILL NOT issue a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). We do not offer authentication services and sell memorabilia simultaneously. 
We believe this is a conflict of interest and does not adhere to honest business practices. You will have to supply any COA's yourself. All consignment items are marked as such to protect our customers from confusion.