The most important thing about autographed items is that the signatures are genuine. You want to know that each celebrity hand signed the item you have purchased. As collectors ourselves, we get it.

This is why we guarantee that every autographed item we sell is authentic, hand signed and witnessed by a Score Memorabilia agent. We, along with our affiliated signing companies have been obtaining and witnessing signings for more than 15 years. No company stays in business for that long without gaining the trust and respect of its customers.

In this industry since 2000, our autographed Items have been sold at fund-raisers for a wide variety of national charities, hospitals, animal rescue centers and police departments. These organizations would not repeatedly use our autographed items in their fund raising auctions year after year if our products were not credible and authentic.

Our agents travel throughout the United States to obtain, in person, each autograph on each item. The Score Memorabilia Certificate of Authenticity is our guarantee that each autograph is real and meets the highest standards of the industry. A Certificate of Authenticity and numbered holograms are included with each purchased item.

At every signing, our agents are present and involved in the signing process, right there with the celebrities. Every signing event is different. The life of a celebrity is very fast paced. When they take the time to sign something their signature and its placement may vary from item to item. The sometimes hectic circumstances during signing events can, and often do, cause variances in a signature. They include:

-Whether the celebrity was standing or sitting, walking or running

-Which type of pen he/she was using i.e. thick felt tip or thin felt tip

-The position of the writing instrument in his/her hand as they are walking and talking

-The position of their arm when signing, any extension causes a signature variance

-Age. As we all know, signatures change across time

Score Memorabilia displays each item, with signatures, on our website. Though each signature on each item will vary slightly in placement and script, you will be able to see what the signature looks like before you place your order. We occasionally use a stock photo of an item on the website and you may not receive the exact signed item you saw on the website. This happens when multiples of the same item have been signed and are available. Each item may vary slightly but be assured that that they are all 100% authentic.



Score Memorabilia does accept the opinion of Third Party Authentication services within 30 days of purchase date when they meet the basic minimums for industry-standard authentication opinions. For a refund to be considered, documentation from a Third Party Authentication Company must include the following information:

-Authentication Company Name

-Date of Inspection/Opinion

-Location of Inspection/Opinion

-Printed Name and Signature of Authenticator(s). We do not accept standardized, pre-printed signatures on authentication paperwork. Documents must specifically state the authenticator's name and bear the authenticator's signature (no stamped or pre-printed signatures).

-Type of Tools/Instruments Used in the Inspection Process. In order to meet minimum industry standardsfor 3rd party authentication 3-5 different exemplars must be used for the identification process. Those exemplars must be placed side by side on the authentication report with the item being authenticated.

-Specific Reason(s) the Item Failed Inspection. We do not accept generic wording like: 
"Atypical letter slant, angle, and/or pitch; Drawn slowly; Base line misalign/Undulation; Irregular letter shape and/or formation; Irregular overlapping of strokes; Irregular spacing between letters; Lacks spontaneity, rhythm, conviction, and/or movement; Poor line quality and transition between connective strokes; Sizing of letter Disproportionate/Exaggerated/Undersized". 
We do not accept random lists of possibilities as to why the item failed inspection. 
The authenticator needs to be very specific and professional about his/her opinion.

-Items with multiple signatures or team signed items must meet the requirements listed above for each signature.